our space

The Galleri is a space where we showcase the products that we have fallen in love with.

It's a place where we hope to inspire more people to curate with a conscious mind

Our Logo

The square represents a space with a blank canvas while the polygon illustrates the unique elements we strive to curate

for our space.


This reminds us that curating a space is a journey. It starts with a blank canvas, and by adding the right pieces, we will end up with a masterpiece that we can call our own.

Your Space, Your Canvas.

The Galleri is all about discovery. We created The Galleri to help bridge one's character with design, turning a space into their own personal gallery. At the end of the day, you hold the brush in creating your masterpiece.

What we believe in

Our space is far from perfect, and we want to share our progress with you. One of our goals is to show people that it’s okay to start small as long as you curate with a conscious mind.


Discover your space by listening to what it needs and combine it with pieces that inspire you. Before you know it, you will be living in your own unique gallery.